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Healthcare matters.


That’s why b.well is delivering a simple and convenient pathway for consumers to proactively manage their health.


With new regulations in place to improve healthcare data interoperability and prevent information blocking, consumers are finally able to participate in their own care. With b.well, it’s easier than ever. Data from providers, payers, connected health, and more create a 360° longitudinal health record that fuels b.well and their customers to deliver powerful, personalized, and proactive insights to their users. 

Users are offered convenience and choice that extends past the 4 walls of the doctor’s office, delivering full population care where and how they need it. Whether it’s in-person, virtually, or through digital services, b.well helps consumers easily navigate to their best option. The industry-breaking ability for consumers to securely share this data allows everyone within each consumer’s trusted circle of care to be informed.

Healthcare matters.

Powered by Data

All in one place, all at one time. b.well connects data across the health and healthcare spectrum and brings it into one powerful 360° view. All users receive a unique experience that is catered to their needs depending on their relevant clinical, financial, wearable, social, and preference data. Their personalized experience is powered by connected data and cuts through the clutter, yielding true results.

Unmatched Engagement

Consumers tend to not engage with healthcare. Why? Traditionally, it’s difficult to navigate and too hard to understand. b.well takes the hassle out of healthcare by delivering timely, actionable content personalized to the individuals’ needs and aligned with evidence-based medicine and quality measures. Each user’s next best action is driven by gamification and custom rewards, resulting in consistent record engagement and positive movement towards outcomes.

Actively Informed

For the first time, consumers have the tools to share key health information and keep everyone in their trusted circle informed. Keeping track of one’s own health can be enough to manage, let alone caregiving to others. b.well empowers consumers to share any level of data they wish with providers, caregivers, family members, and friends through our secure, permissions-based Health Circle. When a team has visibility into information needed to take positive action, everyone wins.

Convenient Navigation

b.well continues the consumer journey beyond just suggesting next steps. Users are guided through the healthcare delivery system and matched with the care that’s best for them based on their unique preferences, be it in-person, virtually, or through digital services. Creating an opportunity to simply decide brings a level of ease not typically experienced in healthcare, resulting in higher likelihood of follow through.

b.well’s mission is rooted in a highly personal experience.

Our founder spent her entire career focused on providing quality healthcare to underserved populations in our country.  When she experienced the healthcare system as a consumer, she quickly realized that she hadn’t accomplished nearly enough.

“By day, I was a health plan executive. By night, I was an excel lab-plotting mom.”

Kristen Valdes Founder - CEO

Take control of your healthcare.

Take control of your healthcare.

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