We’re changing the way consumers interact with their healthcare.

b.well is a rapidly growing company, spearheaded by some of the industry’s most innovative people to take on the challenges of the digital health world.

b.well is transforming how people interact with the healthcare system. Our integrated health management platform provides full access to your health records, along with insights to help you stay healthy. It’s the experience you’ve come to expect in today’s digital world and we’re looking to expand our team with people who like to roll up their sleeves and work in the trenches of a very challenging environment.

Our Core Values

We are situationally aware and all strive to b.humble

Embrace feedback
Seek out and expect information to help you grow.
Continuously improve
Seek to help each other to achieve our full potential continuously.

We encourage everyone to b.creative

Dare to be different
Have an imaginative vision with your work.
Continues learning mindset 
Ongoing expansion of knowledge while embracing and learning from mistakes.

We take action on things that are exciting, uncomfortable, and put our best foot forward to b.bold

Challenge Status Quo
Always be looking to improve and drive the product forward. Be the change you seek.
Do the right thing
Practice integrity in all work, by choosing to do what is right over what is fast, easy, or comfortable.
Engage in direct dialogue
Build trust by being transparent with each other with honest relationships.

You don't have to change yourself here to fit in. Just b.you

Respect our differences 
Working together with empathy, humility, equality, and respect for all people consistently.
Be inclusive 
By elevating the diversity of ideas, talents, and insights we build better products & inspire a great place to work for all.
Be yourself 
Bring your authentic self to work.

We all work together to b.oneteam

Partner and collaborate to ensure we are aligned on our goals, our priorities, and our roles.
Accountability is a shared responsibility
Hold each other accountable in a productive way. Ask yourself, what can you do
more to get results.
Just listen
Active listening creates a stronger communication foundation building trust among the team.
Be solution-oriented 
Bring ideas to the team to drive the business forward.
Presume positive intent
It is starting from the idea that a person meant well or was doing their best, no matter what they
say or do.


The well being our team members is top priority at b.well. We provide rich health benefits including Medical which over 80% of the costs are covered by b.well. Plus both vision and dental are 100% paid by b.well.

Unlimited PTO

Yes, there’s nothing wrong with your vision. Here at b.well, we believe all employees should have the ability to take off the time they need. 

Maternity Leave

We provide up to 12 weeks of paid parental leave to employees following the birth of an employee’s child or the placement of a child with an employee in connection with adoption or foster care.

b.well Swag

We love for our team members to represent our brand. Every b.well team member will receive a swag box during their first week of employment.

b.well App

All of our team members get access to our integrated health management platform that provides full access to their health records, along with insights to help them stay healthy.


b.well provides all new hires with the latest and greatest Apple technology. One last thing, all of your Apple tech comes with a 31 inch monitor.

Employee Recognition & Rewards

We have created an employee recognition program that gives all of our team members points that can be used to buy anything you want.

Headspace App

At b.well we want everyone to live a healthier, happier, more well-rested life and we do this by offering things like Headspace for all employees. In just a few minutes a day you can jump into a new world of mindfulness.

Diversity & Inclusion


 At b.well, we will work to create a safe, respectful, progressively impactful, and equal opportunity workplace; not just for one particular Diversity Group but for ALL.

b.well believes in the morality of HUMILITY

We encourage everyone to use their freedom in sharing ideas without feeling as if they’re competing or being suppressed; to listen more often than we speak, highlight coworker contributions during collaboration,  and understand our personal weaknesses in order to cooperate with one another in harmony.


b.well believes in the power of EMPATHY

We commit to taking the time to understand various perspectives, backgrounds, and experiences that people live on a daily basis by working to understand and share the feelings of others. After we gain an understanding, we will put clear action in place that can be taken to make sure that oppressive practices, lack of inclusion, and different forms of bias never become part of our culture.

b.well believes in the necessity of EQUALITY

We educate ourselves on the inequalities that currently exist in society and work to make sure equality is built throughout the organization. We will keep our communication lines open for fair process and equal expression for ALL people.

b.well believes in the importance of RESPECT

We recognize the inherent dignity of others by honoring their feelings and wishes. This includes communicating and acting with kindness and fairness by following people’s emotional and physical boundaries

Our Community Impact

b.well has made a large commitment to supporting the communities we serve and driving diversity in tech. During the early part of 2021, b.well partnered with multiple local Baltimore companies to build Baltimore Tracks, a coalition of Baltimore-based technology & tech-enabled company leaders that have committed to increasing opportunities for People of Color in technology.


As a Founding company of Baltimore Tracks, we’ve committed to and delivered on the following Baltimore Tracks Commitments

  • Removal of College Degree Requirements
  • Candidate Sharing
  • Sharing D&I Best Practices
  • Demographic Data Collection

In return, these foundational steps have enabled us to drive transformational D&I efforts at b.well Connected Health.

Our Community Impact

Want to help us reshape the future of healthcare?

View Our Open Positions

At b.well, we make it a priority to be as transparent and supportive as possible for anyone applying to join our team. Right now, that means making sure you’re aware of a recent increase in hiring scams, including some fraudulent postings posing as our company and team. To protect your personal information, and to ensure you get the attention you deserve, we highly encourage you to apply directly through our site. Our current openings are listed here.If you’re selected to move onto the next phase of the hiring process, a member of our Talent Acquisition team will reach out to you directly from an @icanbwell.com email address to guide you through our process. We will never ask for personal payment or require you to purchase equipment during our process. If you’re ever in doubt over the legitimacy of a b.well job posting on another site, please check our job listings here to verify.