Healthier members = healthier bottom line.

Break away from point solution fatigue and annual sales cycles of underutilized services and start driving true engagement and outcomes.

Healthier members
Health Plans

Understand your members to proactively meet their needs.

Gain access to the largest set of live connected health data in the industry. b.well provides you with data-driven insights to inform their risk models. Combined with true personalization, your members are incentivized to take action on their own care.


Interact with your members as they move through their Health Journey.

Our platform provides consumers with a personalized health journey tailored to your members’ unique health needs in an incentivized, gamified format. Allow them to connect all their healthcare information in one place and receive proactive recommendations that are relevant to them over time as their lives change.


Give your members service they love.

Embedded telemedicine, provider search, and online mobile scheduling are just a few examples of our out-of-the box services. Provide your members with the convenient experience they’ve come to expect while reducing healthcare costs. Continue streamlining your member journey by expanding into integrations like your e-commerce platform of choice for payments.


Allow your members to share their health information with their families and people they trust.

Engage the entire family in the effort to recognize and close gaps in care.